USDA. Protecting the environment by uniting polar opposites.

The USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program takes sensitive and marginal land out of farm production to improve soil and water quality, and to increase natural habitats. The impact has been huge, but in every Farm Bill since 1984, the amount of land in the program has been cut. We were asked to create a TV commercial that alerted the general public to the issue.


Well, we didn’t do a TV commercial, and we didn’t speak to the general public.

Instead, we identified an audience that cared enough about land use that they’d act if they perceived a threat.

Our solution was to create a non-profit organization to embody the threat to the environment.

And if you think there are politics in business, wait until you see the politics in politics - our solution is held up in red tape, waiting for its moment to shine.

What we did:

Primary and Secondary Research | Simmon's Audience Analyses | Qualtitative Study | Creative Platform Development | Media Connections Strategy and Planning | Brand Design

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