Geek Squad. Closing the gap between awareness and sales.

Through its sale to Best Buy, Geek Squad had expanded overnight from a regional gem to a national presence. But despite the leap in locations, sales had not kept pace.


We felt that Geek Squad's communications had focused too much on awareness and the quirky coolness of its brand. Potential customers were intrigued, but unclear on how to use this thing called Geek Squad.

We re-introduced Geek Squad to a national audience, not just as people in skinny black ties and funky cars, but as the solution to the country's backlog of computer problems.

This shift was the beginning of a Geek Squad sales surge. The campaign itself broke the call center system every time it ran, and while Best Buy doesn't release Geek Squad financials separately, Deutsch Bank estimates that revenues more than doubled in three years.

What we did:

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