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ABC Family

Turning a legal snag into an opportunity.

Apple Store

Flipping rejection into adoration.

Best Buy

Conquering a fear, finding enduring relevance.

Best Buy Mobile Happy 24

Creating a relationship without spending a cent.

Best Buy Mobile ID

Settling a debate so the real work can get done.

Burger King

Rediscovering a brand's swagger.


A strong first step out of bankruptcy.

Diana’s Bananas

Building the case for distribution.

Geek Squad

Closing the gap between awareness and sales.


Cracking open a valuable differentiator.


Redefining the role of the department store.


From chaos to relaunch in less than a month.


Catching up to a first mover.

Nice Ride

Spiking ridership with the help of an enemy.

NYSE Euronext

When a valued brand asset becomes a liability.

Orchard Supply Hardware

Thinking outside the big box.


Reversing a share decline by defining a role.