Hosting the indie ad scene.

The biggest agency in town doesn't work at an agency. So, every December, we open our doors to our collaborators and friends. It's our way of supporting independance. Plus, it's a ton of fun.

Be gone, food desert.

It's been tough for North Minneapolis residents to find fresh food. We helped Pillsbury United Communities launch the North Market, filling the store with hungry people. Read more about this groundbreaking project here.

The biggest pitch of all time.

When Amazon put the call out to find a home for their second headquarters, we got the call from Boston Consulting Group and Greater MSP to help tell the story of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Top secret stuff.

We get a brand facelift.

For our eleventh birthday, we felt it was high time to re-visit our brand identity. This new design, from our friends at Eight Hour Day, returns us to our roots, embracing our belief that creativity needs data and data needs creativity.

Orchard Portland gets its happiness.

Fresh off our test launch in Florida, we've applied our Home, Hardware & Happiness platform to existing stores in the Portland area. It's an experiment in taking a single idea and tailoring it for a distinct market. So far, so great.

Orchard store number one is launched.

Florida is now home to a brand new Orchard Supply Hardware store, and there are more to roll out over the next few months. Retail is details, and we have had the fortune to touch a lot of them – from design to activation to digital to the in-store Muzak script.

Getting grilled by Antenna.

Brendon Schrader of marketing consulting innovators Antenna was intrigued enough with our creative brand consulting model, he invited us in for a Q and A. You can read the results right here.

Persuasion’s tenth birthday.

Ten years ago three ad agency vets founded an effort to address the ills in the advertising industry: Bloat, sloth, ignorance of data, and creativity sitting on the sideline waiting for its chance to make things pretty. It’s been a hell of a ride. Cheers!

The biggest name in windows is…?

We’ve just landed an important strategic assignment with JELD-WEN, one of the biggest players in the door and window industry. It’s an incredibly complex business, so we’re getting our very best brain cells ready for this one.

Persuasion leader attends Studio/E.

If you’re not growing, you're falling behind, right? In that spirit, we put a lot of attention into further education for our team. Over the next year Dion will be attending Studio/E, a course in entrepreneurial thinking and action.

This summer, we’re so #nicerideable.

For our fourth Nice Ride season, we’ve created a campaign designed to redraw the map of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, from one of miles and cars, to one that measures the city using minutes on a bike. Go get out into the nice weather, willya?

Look out, Florida.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected by Orchard Supply Hardware to help launch their first stores on the East Coast. Orchard has a compelling and really different product. We’ll be working hard to make sure Floridians get it.

A world changer comes to Persuasion.

Medtronic has been saving and improving lives for decades. They’re an incredible company, with some mind-blowing technology. It’s our honor to be helping them with positioning for an important new global product launch.

We do holiday parties right.

In the spirit of the holidays, and, really, in the spirit of our entire business year, we threw our doors open for an “agency” party with a difference. Clients, collaborators, and even competitors, joined us for an evening of nibbles, tipples and laughter.

Someone trusts us with power tools.

And not just anybody. One of America's top tool brands has just named us to a confidential positioning assignment for their latest power tool technology. We're looking forward to getting to work, and to keeping all of our digits.

The new smart.

This has been a passion project for us and our many collaborators. We’re excited and beyond proud to finally launch this bold, beautiful expression of Waldorf education. Hopefully it helps ensure future generations of curious, creative people.

Our Mover and Shaker Mary Haugh.

Here’s a nice interview with Mary Haugh, Business Director for Persuasion. Mary explains our philosophy around creativity and business, and our approach to problem-solving. Thanks Todd Nelson for the questions.

Our new teammate. The Smithsonian.

Yes, that’s right. The Smithsonian Office of Policy and Analysis. We’re going to be working together on an important project coming out of the United States Department of Agriculture. Not only are we honored, we’re looking forward to some behind-the-scenes tours of Washington, DC.

Announcing Minnesota Comeback.

We’re proud to reveal the new brand created for the education initiative of Minneapolis Foundation. Minnesota Comeback is all about where we’ve been (trailing the nation in the educational opportunity gap) and where we’re going (30,000 rigorous, relevant school seats by 2025). Yeah!

Novu and Persuasion mind-meld.

Thanks to Tom Wicka and team for the trust. We’re about to kick off a strategic project for Novu Health and Wellness, a brilliant Minneapolis-based start-up. Look for great things from these guys.

Grrr. It’s a #gnarlyride.

It’s summer at last, and to mark the occasion, we are launching an alter-ego for our client Nice Ride. Yes, it's a decidely not-nice, rat-rod inspired mean machine (actually, there will be two of them) named Gnarly Ride. Thanks to Andrew Beckman for the gnarly art.

Environmental design is here.

We’re excited to welcome to our collaborative workspace the stylish inhabitants of Carbon Collective. Merick and Meredith do beautiful, thoughtful work for their impressive list of clients.

An important win.

Capping off a string of wins, we’ve been entrusted with a crucial project from the Minneapolis Foundation – an all-hands-on-deck effort to close the opportunity gap in Minneapolis schools. We’re thrilled to have been selected against tough competition. Now let’s get this done.

Welcome, CHS.

We’re excited to get going on a new strategic assignment for a small, local company called CHS. Oh, wait, make that ‘Fortune 100 company called CHS.'

Sonos turns it up to 11.

We’re understandably excited to be reunited with our friends at Cue and the team at Sonos. We already have Sonos fuelling the creativity at our office. We’re looking forward to returning the favor.

Thanks, Marvin Windows and Doors.

One of the most remarkable businesses in the country has chosen Persuasion to help think through some particularly complex marketing issues. It’s an honor, a privilege, and our brain cells are ready to go.

What makes us tick?

An interview with the Business Journal uncovers a story from our past that explains why we insist on understanding the business underpinnings of any project. Thanks to Janice Bitters for dropping by.

Bring on summer, MinnPost.

Here's some more love from MinnPost on our work with Nice Ride. If enough people say it's summer, it will become summer, right?

Industry Hero at Miami Ad School.

Bringing creativity to business is our passion, and we shared some of that perspective with the next generation of creative problem solvers at Miami Ad School in our Industry Heroes presentation "Survive 35 Years In Advertising With Your Dignity Intact." Thanks Kristen and crew.

Big news: we have a Business Director.

To further our mission of uniting creativity and business, Mary Haugh has joined us as Business Director. Mary has deep experience advising marketers, and she's already made incredible contributions to our clients here at Persuasion. Welcome, Mary!

50 marketers, now more creative.

Thanks to all who packed the house for "Heel, Creativity." Most major Twin Cities marketers were there, plus a host of up-and-comers. The reviews were roundly enthusiastic. So by popular demand, we're now taking requests for repeat performances.

Persuasion forced to confess.

MinnPost marketing writer John Reinan collared us prior to our AMA presentation "Heel, Creativity" to see if we could spill some secrets on why and how creativity can have a greater impact on business. Resistance was futile, as you will see.

See our AMA presentation, live.

Learn how creativity is the engine for personal and business growth, and get practical tips on how to have a more productive relationship with creativity. Oh, and knock back a glass or two of wine. Co-hosted by the Minnesota AMA.

Persuasion interview in Marketing Insights.

For any AMA members, here's an interview with Persuasion founder Dion Hughes, where he shares his views on the role creativity should play in business, and how marketers can build their own creative skills.

Persuasion co-creates with Lowe’s.

We recently took part in a Habitat For Humanity build with client Lowe's. In five hours, a slab in Charlotte became something resembling a home. Our favorite part was seeing the delighted prospective owner. Thanks Lowe's for the invite.

Persuasion presents ‘Heel, Creativity.’

How can creativity have a greater impact on business? We're sharing our thoughts November 1st with the American Marketing Association in a members-only webinar. Should be fun.

Does Cannes matter?

Every year the creative industry contorts itself into an act of simultaneous back-patting and hand-wringing. Yes, awards matter, but not for the reason you might think. Forbes asked us to weigh in.

Big ideas, small office.

We sat down with the business writer from The Star Tribune to discuss creativity, impacting business, and our alternative to the advertising agency.

Making faster, smarter business decisions.

Fast Company says we're "advertising-industry players." But our process has applications outside of advertising. Such as forcing a business out of a narrow "either/or" mindset. Read on.

Persuasion in Heath Brothers’ bestseller.

Yes, creativity makes for smarter business decisions. In "Decisive" by Chip and Dan Heath, our creative process is held up as a powerful way to "explode narrow-frame thinking." And we just thought we were coming up with lots of good ideas.

Persuasion welcomes another kindred spirit: Jay Schaefer.

We're big believers in finding the insights in data. That's one of the ways creativity can impact business. And that's why we're so happy Jay Schaefer of Circlebox Research has agreed to join our collaboration. Welcome Jay!

Our machine for creative collaboration opens for business.

We work best when we're around smart, inspired people. That's the idea behind our new work space. It's open plan, completely modular, democratic, and designed for the airing and sharing of ideas.