Persuasion Arts & Sciences A creative consultancy

Our mission is to answer one single question:
How can creativity have a greater impact on business?

1. Creativity can have a greater impact by engaging directly in the given business challenge.

That sounds like something that should happen as a matter of course, but sadly it's just not so. Creativity, at least in marketing circles, has drifted downstream into the realm of communications. We aim to solve that disconnect not just by applying creativity upstream, but by shortening the stream itself.

2. Creativity can have a greater impact by providing lateral thinking at the strategic stage.

Many brands suffer from undifferentiated positions in the market. They may sometimes be given a reprieve by a brilliant idea, or a generous CFO. But eventually, the linear thinking leads back to an expensive brand overhaul. And around it goes. Our conviction is that creativity can provide the lateral thinking needed to make a strategy differentiated from inception, all the way through to execution.

3. Creativity can have a greater impact by regarding advertising as an act of last resort.

It's not that we don't love great advertising. We just see creative thinkers rushing to execution, often in the medium that will bring them the most exposure. Creativity can do better. By thinking from a business challenge out, rather than a media opportunity in, we arrive at solutions that are not only more organic to the business challenge, they're also more relevant, surprising, and efficient.

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