Persuasion Arts & Sciences A creative consultancy

Broadened usage occasion from primarily day-time to "Bacardi by night."

Developed new products based upon taste trends and unmet markets.

Worked on the original "Ultimate Driving Machine" team. Also introduced the Z3.

Created the national brand platform.

Created the long-running and hugely successful "how to speak Australian" campaign.

Created the long-running "we are professional grade" position.

Created an internal communications platform defining the purpose of Ikea.

Introduced the world's first satellite phone.

Created communications platforms for numerous new model launches.

Identified the market opportunity, created positioning and launch for Men's Journal.

Created a long-running, Effie-winning program for Cool From Nestea.

Led all aspects of brand creative development.

Led all creative development for five years.

Guided the positioning for Prudential in its influential "be your own rock" era.

Created the "Play. It's good for you" platform for Purina's premium Beneful brand.

Helped create and direct the famously effective "Reality/Perception" campaign.

Led Saab's last (successful) model launch.

Developed architecture and positions for Beam's tequila portfolio.

Developed the positioning for the launch of the revolutionary Via instant coffee.

Re-imagined "value" through in-store communications and merchandising.

Created the disruptive "fearless wins" platform for network security company Unisys.

Led all brand creative development.

Oh, the tales we could tell.

Here are a few more of the businesses our founders have impacted, both at Persuasion and at previous companies.

And here's our opinion on experience. To know that "we've done it before" is re-assuring. But we're also wary of falling back on to old ways.

We prefer to use experience as something to measure against - what worked then, how has the world changed since, and what will work today and into the future.